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2021 VGV Summer Registration

The 2021 Summer Season is here!

Register your swimmer now for the season

First Day of Practice - Tuesday, June 1st 

Swimmer Placement will be based on age first, then adjustments will be made to create groups of like swimmers. 

Grey Group is 13 & up

Blue Group is 11-12

Green Group is 9-10

Orange Group is 8 & under (If orange group fills up, Coach Meghan will move swimmers to Green group as needed)

Group Placement is at Coach Meghan's Discretion. 

Parent/Guardian Information

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Girls 11-12

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Setting up a Custom Question

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Media Release

I hereby give the irrevocable right to Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team & its officially designated team photographer to use my child(ren)’s picture, portrait or photograph in all forms and media in all manners for advertising, portfolio, editorial, altering without restrictions, and all other lawful purposes, including posting online to web galleries. I understand I am entitled to no compensation. I release the photographer from all forms of claims and liability related to said photo usage, and I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished version(s). none *

Liability and Waiver

It is understood and agreed that the above named child(ren) will be participating on the 2021 Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team. It is fully understood that these activities contain certain inherent risks. The undersigned Parent or guardian may also, at his or her discretion, attend and observe any practices (from the pool deck), or meets in which his or her child(ren) are participating.

Each member of the Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team must strictly comply with the following: (1) all eligibility requirements of the team; (2) official instruction during each meet and during practice; and (3) all the rules of conduct and safety. The undersigned fully understands the Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team, nor their officers, coaches, or volunteers shall be responsible for any injury which results, either fully or in part, from failure of any member of the team to fully comply with all such requirements, instructions and/or rules.

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Swim Team Guidelines

To be eligible to swim during the summer season each swimmer must be 5 yrs of age, and able to swim for one length of the pool, without stopping, on both the back and on the stomach.

The year-round USA registered athletes swimming past May 15th, 2021 with a USA team (except High School or collegiate) WILL NOT be eligible to swim at the Horsetooth League City Championships. They also are not allowed to swim at all in the Colorado Summer Swimming Club State Championships. These swimmers are asked to discuss the decision to swim summer league with their current head coach and with Coach Meghan.

The undersigned acknowledges that Village Green Velociraptors offers a "trial" session during the first week of practice, whereby swimmers can decide if they would like to continue swimming for Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team. Refunds will not be issued following this trial period. June 7, 2021 will be the last date to request any refunds for the 2021 season.

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Volunteer Requirements/Deposit

Village Green Velociraptors Swim Team is a volunteer-run organization whose success depends on the commitment of all families. A deposit of $100 will be held when you register your swimmer for the team. This must be paid in a check and will be returned if/when your volunteer requirements have been fufilled. Due to the Covid Pandemic, we are unsure at this time what meets will look like. We are anticipating the volunteer requirement will be 2 sessions for 1 swimmer and 3 sessions for additional swimmers.  Thanks for volunteering we could not have a team without you!!!!


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