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Swim Meet 101

Meets begin at 8:00 a.m.

Home Meet warm-ups begin at 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted by the coach. This provides time for guest teams to warm up at 7:30 a.m.

Away Meet warm-ups begin at 7:30 a.m.

Be on time, which means in the water at the start of warm-ups. Proper warm-ups ensure swimmers' muscles are ready to race.

What To Do Before a Swim Meet

  • Register online for the events you want to swim
    • Coaches will let the team know when meet registration is available.
    • Access your family’s account on Village Green's Swimtopia website.
      • Register swimmers before Thursday morning at 8:00 am before a Saturday meet. Registration will close after 10:00 am.
    • Register for up to 3 Individual events, if you aren't sure about which events to swim please ask the Coaches! Please note that coaches will have the final input on your swimmer’s event selection.
    • Most meets have a limit per swimmer of 3 individual events + 2 relays. If you have any questions regarding event selection for your swimmer, please feel free to speak with your swimmer's coach. Swimmers are able to choose their relays based on event preference and day of meet availability during meet sign up. Relay options are: Early (medley relay), Late (freestyle relay), Both or None. The early (medley) relay is at the beginning of the meet and the late (freestyle) relay is the towards the end of the meet, before the distance swim events. For example, if you will be arriving late to a meet, please choose the late relay option only. Relay teams are formed by the coaches after meet entry closes. If your swimmer is part of a relay, you will know this when the heat sheets are made available, prior to meet day. An email will be sent notifying you once heat sheets are available on the website. Coaches will assign swimmers to relays. If your swimmer will be unavailable to swim in a relay, please contact the coach directly so he is aware. There are two types of relays for each age division each meet-a Freestyle and Medley
      • Please review the heat sheets at the beginning of the meet day to confirm if your swimmers are part of relay teams.
  • Sign-up to Volunteer! Home meets are your opportunity to fulfill your volunteer obligation, so please register to volunteer! Village Green Swim Team hosts some of the most efficiently run swim meets in the league thanks to our team of dedicated parent volunteers! Your volunteer support ensures all our swimmers and families as well as our guests have a great swim meet experience. Thank you for your support!
  • Review Heat Sheets
    • Heat sheets are the detailed schedules that each swim meet follows. Events are broken up by gender, age group and swim stroke or relay. For instance, Event 1 at a meet may be Girls, 8 & Under, Freestyle. Depending on the number of swimmers, there may be more than one heat per event. Each heat can include up to six swimmers, one in each lane.
    • Note your individual events and review the relays.
      • Events are listed by age group. A swimmer’s age is determined as his age prior to May 15th of the current year. For instance, if your swimmer turned 9 on May 25th they would be swimming in the 8 & Under division, as they were still 8 years old on May 15th.
    • Highlight the event number and heats for which you are swimming.
    • Don’t forget to review the relay sections!
    • Heats are arranged using a swimmer’s previous race time submitted by the Meet Manager system. Swimmers without a race time or who have not previously participated in a particular event will normally be placed in the first heat.

What to Bring to a Swim Meet

  • Several Towels - One for warm-up and another for after events
  • Sweatshirt or Blanket - Swimmers need to keep warm between events
  • Sunscreen—Please apply sunscreen to swimmers at the beginning of each meet
  • Sharpie Marker- These are used for writing event and heat summaries on a swimmer’s body, so the information is visible to both the swimmer and the clerk of course. It is an easy visual reminder of an individual’s various events.
    • Write Event Number (E), Heat Number (H) and Lane Number (L).
    • For example, a swimmer participating in the 25 backstroke, event 11, heat 2 assigned to lane 4, would have this written in Sharpie: 11 / 2 / 4.  Many swimmers include the event name as well. For event 21, heat 1, lane 5, which happens to be the 25 free, you would have written 21 /1 / 5. 
  • Swim Cap - Black Village Green Velociraptor Team Cap is required.
  • Goggles - Two pairs are good luck - in case one gets misplaced or broken.
  • Heat Sheets—If heat sheets are available on the website or via email prior to a meet, it’s useful to have a personal copy printed out. Highlight the events in which you are participating.
  • Food and Concession Moneyswimmers love to snack and healthy choices make for fast swimmers. Teams utilize concessions as a means for raising money for equipment, so please support Village Green and other teams in this way when you can. Please know you are always welcome to bring your own food to both home and away meets.
  • Water—Swimmers are always drenched on the outside, but it is vitally important they stay hydrated on the inside between events, too. Proper hydration ensures the athletes’ muscles remain working efficiently throughout the meet.
  • Chairs—Benches and other deck chairs may be available at each meet, but to ensure you have a dry seat, please bring folding chairs for all your swim fans-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends!
  • Games, Cards and Books—Entertainment is needed to keep swimmers busy and quiet between events.
  • A Positive and Supportive Attitude—Please remember to pack your team spirit! Summer swimming is fun for all and Village Green encourages cheering for all swimmers, from all teams across all events.

What To Do on Meet Day

  • Arrive for warm-ups on time—refer to the times listed above. Coaches will generally send an informational email prior to the meet day with all pertinent meet information.
  • Listen to Coaches—The coaches will gather the team together at the beginning of the meets to provide last minute direction, encouragement and to do a team cheer. Listen for their instructions for when to meet following warm-ups.
  • Review Heat Sheets—Heat sheets will be posted in a prominent spot at each pool and it’s a good idea to verify the events in which you expect to be swimming. There is usually a gathering of parents all staring at papers plastered on a wall, so the heat sheets should be fairly easy to find.
  • Arrive In the Staging Area When Your Events Are First Called
    • Swimmers are called by event number (first call, last call) to the Clerk of Course area. This is the area directly behind the blocks, with chairs set up in rows that are aligned to the lane lines. Swimmers must check-in with the Clerk and be seated in the appropriate heat and lane assignments. This is called the heating and seating process.
  • After your race, check in with your coaches.  They will want to give you feedback.

Where to Find Race Results

  • Check the Walls During a Meet—Race results will sometimes be posted on a pool wall during the course of the meet. Results will show each swimmer’s placement and time for each event.
  • Ribbons—Swimmers finishing in first through third places will generally receive ribbons. Ribbons are supplied by the team hosting the meet.
    • Ribbons will be placed in the family file box, filed by the swimmer’s last name. The box will be available during practice the week following week once the ribbons are available and filed.
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